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Caregivers Ultimate Survival Course

Is it really possible to live with a loved one who has Dementia or Alzheimer’s and remain sane?




The Simple, Proven Way You Can Successfully Navigate the Rollercoaster of Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias

Go From This Angry, Frustrated, Depressed

To ThisCalm, Patient, Accepting

1. You will understand how to live with the disease.•  Gain knowledge and clarity about the disease, its characteristics and behaviors so you can properly respond and manage them.•  Dispel the myths around the disease and separate fact from fiction.•  Learn and practice proven techniques and tactics so you can interact effectively with your loved one.

2. You will develop practical, viable solutions.•  Gain insights into family dynamics and how to set boundaries.•  Learn techniques for taking care of YOU!•  Benefit from an impartial sounding board and share expert counsel so you can effectively navigate each situation.

With this time-tested survival course, you’ll discover answers to the questions about Dementias and Alzheimer’s that you were afraid to ask. This 5-module online course is your roadmap to success as an enlightened caregiver. You will learn the solutions to problems you face every day, even ones that haven’t shown up yet, and that will save you time, energy and emotional pain.

This is your opportunity to be supported personally by a recognized expert in the field of dementia family care. 

Do you know the real dangers facing caregivers?

7 out of 10 Caregivers Experience Life-Altering Consequences

According to the National Alzheimer’s Association, 70% of the family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia will develop a chronic, life-altering condition or die before the person they are caring for.

If you’re struggling to understand just exactly what the hell is going on…

…this course is for you!

Here’s what you’ll get in this course

  Solid, fact-based information about the disease

  Strategies to manage erratic behaviors

  Secrets to navigate family dynamics successfully

  Ways to take care of you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually

 And more…

I don’t hold anything back and freely share my own experiences and mistakes with you in this program. Everything I share with you in these videos has been tried and proven over and over again by me and hundreds of my clients.

This program is specifically designed to help you navigate the ins and outs and twists and turns of life with Alzheimer’s or other Dementia. I take a comprehensive approach to each step so you and your loved one are taken care of. In other words, if you’re looking for PEACE, this is it.Please note: Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed. The recorded sessions are available only to registered Survival Course participants via a secured private link accessible only to active participants.

“You are brilliant Kae—you provided me such clarity about Al’s disease, the why’s for his behavior and the strategies for becoming effective in managing his constantly changing moods, patterns and behaviors. I’m not fighting the reality any more; I’ve come to acceptance. And you were right—I am more at ease. Bless you.”

>Brenda Feldman, Newbury Park, CA

“You are a pleasure to work with Kae...truly a light…so empathetic yet such an incredible help, enabling me to move forward with a detailed plan. It gives me great comfort knowing you are just a phone call away; you have become my lifeline for coping with Bob’s Alzheimer’s and guiding me with such sensitivity as I make these tough, tough decisions.”

Joyanne Code, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Module 1.What is the diagnosis?You’ll get a clear understanding of the disease you and your family now face and how to set yourself on solid ground, so you can confidently walk this path. We’ll cover important topics such as…

  • Dementia is NOT a diagnosis – find out which of the many types you are dealing with and why it matters.
  • The top five questions you need to ask the doctor at your next scheduled appointment.
  • How to be an advocate for your loved one when it comes to addressing their medical team.
  • What are eight treatable conditions that mimic dementia.
  • And more

Module 2.Master Everyday Life with Dementia Each day is filled with new challenges, personalities, and behaviors. In most cases, your loved one won’t know what’s going on. In Module Two you’ll discover the best strategies to manage the ups and downs of your loved one’s disease, like…

  • 10 behavior changes to watch for.
  • Five winning strategies to manage this disease.
  • How to reassure your loved one when they’ve fallen into “the mist” of confusion and memory loss.
  • The secret to calming them down in any situation–no matter how challenging they are being.

Module 3.How to Speak Dementia There will be times your loved one does things that don’t seem to make sense. Or they may behave in ways that upset you. It’s often difficult for them to tell you what is wrong and sometimes it will be hard for them to understand what you mean.  In Module Three, you will come to understand how dementia changes the interactions with your loved one and gives you ways to effectively talk and ‘hear’ them.

  •  17 key insights that give you the why’s and how-to’s of this critical area
  • What to do and say when they become angry, stubborn, or irritable
  • Why they go from ‘getting it’ one moment to ‘completely blank’ the next 
  • How to keep your cool when you hear the same question again and again

Module 4.Sanity + Tranquility Secrets The greatest challenge for you on this journey is actually paying enough attention to your own self. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will take care of your loved one? That’s why Module Four is dedicated to showing you how to make the time to balance your total well-being with theirs. You’ll discover…

  • Four ways to stop “overwhelm” in its tracks – so you can live your our own life, retain your dignity and sense of self
  • The “Caregiver’s Bill of Rights”: Five principles to give you clarity and confidence so you can show up as your best self each day
  • The secret solution to stress… this is so simple yet most people wait until they’re at their wit’s end.
  • Why you need to be self-focused while caring for your loved one and Seven Modalities you can use to help you stay healthy and reclaim your life.

Module 5.Open the Floodgates of Support The biggest mistake people make is thinking they have to personally address every need for their loved one, and that they are the only ones who can do it right. They’re coming from a place of love, of course, but ultimately the best thing you can do for you and your loved one is to share the care. In Module Five, you’ll discover…

  • What “share the care” means and six different ways to go about it, (Simply choose the ones that work best for you!) 
  • When friends offer their support, here’s how to ask for what would really help you out and give them the satisfaction of supporting you.
  • A visual approach for determining when it’s time to reach out for help and share the care.
  • If and when to place your loved one with professional care where they can live among equals.

Plus! Sign Up Today and Get Two Added Bonus Gifts

BONUS #1: Pathways: A Guidebook for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers—The PDF version of my book

In addition to this program, you gain in-depth knowledge, techniques and strategies such as:•  When and how to take the keys away•  Making the home safe for your loved one•  Creating your records book•  Legal & financial matters to prepare•  Why music is so magical for your loved one•  Scores of links to valuable resources•  And so much more

Value: $20.00

BONUS #2: Five – LIVE Q&A Group Coaching Calls with Kae Hammond..

Right now is a really special time to join me for this session. On top of the five-module training program, I’m also hosting 5 LIVE group calls. This is your chance to work closely with me, ask me any questions, and personally have me walk with you through this program and this journey.  You will also meet others in the program and discover a welcoming and safe new tribe.The group calls are 60 minutes each and start the same week you get your first online module.

Value: $1500

This course is entirely online! You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to travel, and you can set your own timetable and pace.

Your Peace of Mind100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Complete Survival Course to Caring for a Loved One With Dementia is the most comprehensive and transformative “care taking” program currently available for you.  If for any reason–and I mean any reason at all–you don’t feel this course lived up to your expectations, I will gladly refund your purchase price.

Total Value over $1,500Your Investment Today: Just $97

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Five-Module Online Program

Today’s Price Just $97

$97 per person

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I’m Kae Hammond.

I’m the founder of Dementia Help Center and author of the acclaimed book Pathways: A Guidebook for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers. The passion for my work is a direct result of my own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s. My mother lived with Alzheimer’s for 22 years. The day-to-day stresses took a tremendous toll on my father’s health, costing him his life, all too early. 

You are NOT alone in your quest to find answers, direction, peace of mind. My goal is to save other families the time, energy, money and pain we endured learning on the job; there was so much we didn’t know. 

My workshops, online courses and coaching programs are designed for the family caregiver/partner, offering proven strategies for success.

More clients agree!

“You have provided me critical information and the manner in which you communicated it was truly outstanding. Kae, with this knowledge, you provided me a level of comfort that was wonderful.  I am in the early stages of my mother’s Dementia and a have a long road to travel, therefore, I appreciate all of your expertise.”

~Sharon Bennett, Laguna Woods, CA

“Kae, your focus and empathy, combined with your knowledge base, aided us immensely with handling Dad’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s condition.  We learned strategies on how to handle stressful issues which, when put into practice, are amazingly effective!  We are grateful for your expertise and that we found you.”~Mary and Jay Lewis, Palm Springs, CA

“I took this class and it changed my life! My family member with Dementia is doing so much better after I followed recommendations from Kae Hammond. I highly encourage family members caring for a loved one to take this class!”

~ Don Stewart, Seattle, WA

“I walked away a different person because of Kae’s workshops. I learned to let go of the mother who raised me because that’s not (who) she is anymore. I’ve learned to let her be in her own reality and embrace my life again.”

~ Dane Denick, Bend, OR

“I had given up trying to find the answers I needed to understand and care for my wife of 50 years suffering with advanced Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s and then I was told about Kae and her workshops and coaching. Kae has given me the peace of mind I had been looking for. What a profound gift.” 

~ Pat McCann, Palm Desert, CA

Caregiver’s Survival Course

Five-Module Online Program

Today’s Price Just $97

$97 per person

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