Kae’s show Care for the Family Caregiver offers an oasis of support.


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A one-woman dynamo and advocate, Kae Hammond continues to help listeners with her important message, resources and lifesaving counsel. Reaching an expanded audience on The Kae Hammond Show, Care for the Family Caregiver, her radio program airs Sunday mornings 7-7:30am on 95.9 FM, The Oasis.

If you’re caring for a loved one, you don’t want to miss this weekly radio program. Get your morning cup of coffee — or tea — and join our expanding listening community.

A forum for ideas. An oasis of support.

Kae features key guests and shares valuable information for caregivers, care partners and anyone who cares for a loved one. Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, a stroke, Alzheimer’s or related dementias, or another chronic condition, the many dilemmas and issues family caregivers face are similar. Extending her outreach and leveraging her extensive experience, Kae’s talk show provides a forum for ideas, guidance, recommendations and sharing hands-on life experience.

Meet the family caregiver’s greatest champion.

In every obstacle lie the seeds of success. As her story bears out, the very challenge of caring for her mom with little or no available information gave rise to Kae’s quest to help family caregivers everywhere. Indeed, her desire to provide the sought-after resources and help she could not find, and subsequently amassed through more than two years of research, provided the impetus to create Dementia Help Center. Once she made a commitment to help this underserved and often overlooked population, the evolution began. More recently, her next endeavor became the treasure of the Kae Hammond Show, Care for the Family Caregiver.

A vitamin B shot for caregivers.

The Kae Hammond Show delves honestly and deeply into the gray areas that concern the most forgotten person in the family. As the individual who is most responsible for taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, or another chronic illness, the family caregiver’s needs get pushed to the side. As statistics prove, often until it’s too late, some 70 percent of family caregivers experience a definitive loss of health or worse before the diagnosed loved one. That needs to stop.

Where wisdom and encouragement provide hope.

With a positive attitude, Kae makes it clear: faced with seemingly impossible adversity, having the right tools and resources, you can prevail and triumph. In the midst of what feels like expansive darkness caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, her wisdom and encouragement are a beam of light and hope.

The Kae Hammond Show: in on the secret and out to help.

As Kae tells family caregivers on her show, “I know a secret about you…the one person you forget and neglect…is you. And often at an exacting price.” Care for the Family Caregiver promises sound guidance on how to live well and take care of yourself on every level, because your life matters, too.

The Kae Hammond Show brings you vital conversations with the best in our valley and the nation about a range of relevant topics: how to live longer, understanding disease and diagnosis, health issues, finances, legal matters, end of life issues, and what you should be asking your doctors. You’ll gain insights from other caregivers like you, who share their experiences, life-saving advice and how best to live in the moment.


Kae Hammond Radio Show Archives

While Kae’s radio show is no longer on the air, recordings from past shows are available here.


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