What is this ‘Cup of Peace,’ anyway?

A story of care.

DHC-Kae-Cup-of-PeaceKae is often asked about her famous Cup of Peace. She refers to it in her presentations and on her radio show. Here’s the story she shares with pleasure.

I have my Cup of Peace every day. This is both literal and figurative. Many years ago while caring for my husband after a serious automobile accident, my dear friend Carole Isola came to visit. It was such a welcome visit as I was juggling family health, business and life challenges along with being a care partner.

Carole ran out to do an errand and returned with a gift for me! A mini-book on Zen and a beautiful ceramic cup in a rich, deep purple with the word Peace pressed into it in both English and Chinese. I was convinced I was masking my life pains quite well, but Carole obviously saw my true state clearly. Her gift was two-fold. She not only gave me something beautiful, she also acknowledged my struggles.

I can honestly say that holding my Cup of Peace every day soothed my soul. That was more than 12 years ago. I still have my book of Zen prayers by my bedside and enjoy my cup every morning. Thank you, Carole!

Now, I invite you to find your Cup of Peace and take your daily moments to love and appreciate yourself.

— Kae Hammond


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