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The Kae Hammond Show, “Care for the Family Caregiver,” ran for three seasons locally in the Coachella Valley. In case you missed a show, or want to listen again to a favorite, you can hear the recordings on this page. For more information about Kae’s radio show, click here.


Most recent shows:

January 11, 2016: An often overlooked area in the intense life of the family caregiver/partner is the subject of financial management, yet this crucial matter warrants as much attention as the quality of care you’re providing. Women, especially, are under-informed when it comes to financial investments. Kae’s special guest on today’s show is Robert Schein, managing partner of the Blanke Schein Group at HighTower Advisors Palm Desert. Listen and find out the 5 Key Financial Questions that will help you think like a CFO and take care of business. Also, Rob’s gift to you is a special financial management report for women. Click here to read and/or download this valuable information!



December 27, 2015: Today we revisit a favorite subject and a proven tool to positively affect all of us — the power of music. Professional caregivers employ the great benefits of music to control anxiety and depression in their disease-afflicted patients. Studies also show the use of music can enhance the cognitive abilities of Alzheimer’s patients. Of course, we as caregivers can find peace and relaxation through music ourselves! Listen to find out how and why it works.



December 20, 2015: On today’s show Kae explores the important issue of elder abuse and exploitation. Her guest is Murray Sussman, social service supervisor with Riverside County Department of Public Social Services specializing in Adult Protective Services. APS responds to and investigates incidents of consumer fraud, financial, physical or emotional abuse against the elderly (ages 65+). Sadly, our older population is at high risk for these types of abuse and often they and concerned neighbors/friends don’t often know where to turn. APS is an exceptional resource. Listen to learn more about these issues and how to get help, including the agency’s 24-hour live help line at 1-800-491-7123.



December 13, 2015: This show is the second of our two-part series about meditation and quieting the mind. Kae’s guest is hypnotherapist Michael Myers, who shares his self-hypnosis technique for quieting the mind. Michael has been practicing meditation for 42 years and has been in private practice as a hypo-therapist for 18 years. Listen in to find out how this simple yet powerful practice can help you ease stress and tension. Based in Palm Desert, California, Michael’s website is michaelmyershypnotherapist.com.



December 6, 2015: This is the first installment of a two-part series about the benefits of meditation and quieting the mind. Whether you use deep breathing, a mantra, visualization, guided or focused meditation to quiet the mind for one minute or 30 minutes, the practice brings clarity, stress release and wellness. Our guest on this show is Brenda Lasarzig, a graduate of the Chopra Center for Well Being in Carlsbad who has also trained with Sharon Gannon, Mari Kaur Khalsa, Gary Kraftsow, Shiva Rea and David Swenson. Brenda explains what meditation is and the benefits it brings to our lives, especially those of us in the caregiver role..



November 29, 2015: Dr. Brian Myers, naturopath with the Live Well Clinic in La Quinta, California, shares with host Kae Hammond about a problematic condition that impacts people under constant stress. Of course, this includes many caregivers. Learn about adrenal fatigue and how to find out if this is contributing to your tiredness, agitation and chronic aches and pains. On a related topic, Dr. Myers will also talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet to support the all-important digestive system, which contributes to overall health. Find out more about the Live Well Clinic here.



November 22, 2015: Joanne Demers of Transitions of the Desert joins Kae for a conversation about the world of senior living options, from independent to assisted living and the wide variety of choices within each category. Joanne will share key features families and future residents should look for when interviewing and touring various senior living facilities. You can learn more about Joanne and her qualifications as a senior care facilitator here.



November 15, 2015: For many of us dealing with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, the holidays can be bittersweet. On this show, Kae shares tips for navigating the season with grace, whether you’re hosting the family or traveling to be with your loved ones. Find out how communication, respect and boundary-setting that can make the holidays a positive experience for all.



August 23, 2015: Home Care Assistance Palm Desert owner Nikhil Metha and client care manager Jeanetta Rhoades are Kae’s guests on this show. Listen to the in-depth conversation about the range of services that set in-home care companies apart from each other. The discussion includes suggested questions to ask when interviewing firms to care for your loved one.

HCA-Palm Desert offers highly trained staff for Alzheimer’s/dementia clients, nutrition planning and cognitive stimulation programs. Website: HomeCareAssistancePalmDesert.com



June 21, 2015: A support group can be an absolute lifeline for caregivers/partners. The limitless benefits include discovering you aren’t alone, meeting others “just like you” – people who completely understand your situation and offer suggestions to help you based on their own experience. On today’s show, Kae’s four guests share their experiences with support groups and how they positively impacted their lives. Compelling exchanges you’ll want to hear.



June 14, 2015: Setting boundaries with family around what you can, can’t and won’t do when caregiving for a loved one is tricky terrain to navigate. On today’s show, Kae offers suggestions to help caregivers learn the art of boundary-setting, plus tips for attending social functions and traveling successfully when a loved one has a chronic health condition including Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Kae draws on wisdom from years of facilitating a weekly support group to bring you the most helpful tips and resources.



June 7, 2015: On today’s show we explore the benefits of adult day programs for individuals with memory impairment and their family care giver/partner. Our guests are Jack Poyfair, executive director of Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage, an Alzheimer’s exclusive residential center, and Pat Kaplan, a consultant to Vista Cove. So often family members don’t realize how isolated their loved ones feel when they stay at home day in and day out, and the negative effect this has on the mind and attitude. Socialization is a critical component to healthy living. Learn more about programs available in the Palm Springs area.



May 31, 2015: Embracing the full cycle of life through the sacred art of living and dying is our topic on today’s show. Our guest is Dr. Elaine Millam, a certified master coach with the International Coaching Federation and recently the founder of Graceful Passages based in La Quinta, California. In this show we explore the beauty of acknowledging the end of life as well as the concept of “spiritual pain.” This provocative and uplifting conversation touches on many topics helpful for caregivers and other family members. To view the resources Kae and Elaine talk about on this show, click here.



May 24, 2015: How do you know it’s time to place your loved one in a long-term professional care residence? Eventually, a loved one’s care — despite the best of intentions and unrelenting effort — requires more than the family is capable of giving. On today’s show, Kae and her guest Joanne Demers share their wisdom and knowledge to assist families facing this decision. Learn to embrace the gift the right care gives your loved one: the ability to maximize self-sufficiency and enjoy a better quality of life with dignity and minimal disruption. Joanne also shares about her specialized relocation services, Transitions of the Desert. Click here to learn more about Kae, Joanne, and Dementia Help Center’s placement services.



May 17, 2015: A conversation with Kae about role reversal — parenting your parents and how to ascend to this role with grace, respect and knowledge. Kae shares the hard-earned wisdom of several adult children. One featured ‘voice of experience’ is Jim Comer and his 50 questions that will save you time, money and tears. Jim is the author of When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents, which is one of several wonderful resources mentioned on the show. Listen and gain from the experiences of others who have been where you are.

On this show, Kae features:
• Jim Comer and his book, When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents
• Sheri Samotin’s Facing the Finish: A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children

Additional reading recommendations:
Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence by Gail Sheehy
How to Care for Aging Parents: Answering Questions You Hoped You’d Never Have to Ask by Virginia Morris



May 10, 2015: Our show today focuses 100% on YOU as a caregiver. Host Kae Hammond shares tips and tools that place you in first position. Whatever the health condition of your loved one, caregiving and partnering is hard work – physically, emotionally, mentally and beyond. Putting yourself first is a requirement for being able to thrive in this difficult role. Find out why taking care of yourself is healthy, and how to you can form a circle of helping hands with friends and family.


 May 3, 2015: On today’s show, a look at tools and programs that help individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, autism, Down’s Syndrome and cognitive disabilities find their way back to family and home. Our guest is Bill Johnson, coordinator of the Project Lifesavers International (PLI) program offered through the Palm Springs Police Department. We all know how dangerous and worrisome this problem is. Find out about resources that can help on our show, and on the website ifineedhelp.org.



April 26, 2015: We have a very uplifting show today focusing on the healing and therapeutic power of animals with our guest, Richard Waxman of Paws & Hearts. Seven days a week, their 45 teams of handlers and canine ambassadors visit area hospitals, long-term care facilities, cancer centers, Alzheimer’s facilities and senior centers throughout the Coachella Valley. Find out more about this non-profit program enriching the lives of the frail and special care cases that require the loving attention and affection only a “four-legged” healer can provide.



April 19, 2015: The topic on today’s show is hospice care. Our guests are Lori Mullen and Amy Bridges of Gentiva Hospice in Palm Desert, California. They share some important things to be thinking about as your family faces difficult end-of-life decisions. Here’s the link to their site and an excellent video called “Hospice and Your Loved One”: bit.ly/1Orf8Nk



April 12, 2015: On today’s show we talk about driving with a look at the wide range of health conditions that make us less safe drivers. A candid conversation about being honest with ourselves and loved ones on the prickly, sensitive matter of knowing when to stop driving. In this show, Kae also talks about the role your doctor can play in assessing safe driving ability and making the call to stop temporarily or permanently. Check out these excellent resources for testing your driving skills in your own home: 1) The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Assessment Online Driving Tool 2) The Hartford’s brochure, “We Need to Talk” 3) The Physician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers.



April 5, 2015: Our interview with Dr. Soo Borson is packed with excellent information for those of us supporting dementia patients. Because caregivers and care partners need to be healthy and maintain stamina, time off for people in this role is essential. Are you choosing to use the network of care you have available to you? Dr. Borson also offers excellent counsel on how and why to partner with the physician.



By topic:

How to thrive.

The importance of sustaining your emotional and mental well-being and tools to help you. Our guest is Dr. Raul Ruiz — our congressman — who is very tuned in to the demands of the family caregiver and the impact this role takes on their overall health and well-being.

Learn about the power of music for healing and soothing. This week’s guest is Marv Rosenberg, a neuro behavioral scientist. After 30, 40, 50 years of learning to be partners in life, caregivers are forced to transition from doing things together to thinking about doing them alone and then, doing them alone. How do we modify our lifelong pattern?

The Caregivers Bill of Rights and the concept of establishing your comfort-zone ‘boundaries’ in your role as family caregiver. This week’s special guest is Edie Keller, a family therapist specializing in geriatrics and the co-founder of our Alzheimer’s Chapter in the Coachella Valley.


Isolation and rediscovering solitude.

We have two guest on today’s show: Jack Poyfair, executive director of Vista Cove-Rancho Mirage, and Pat Kaplan, a consultant to Vista Cove, co-founder of the Alzheimer’s Association in Coachella Valley and former owner/administrator of several private care homes in the desert. We explore issues surrounding placement in professional care. How do we diminish feelings of isolation? Is it selfish to contract for care for our loved ones? When is the right time for placement?

Today’s show features a conversation with Cora Bell, whose husband, Carter, developed early onset Alzheimer’s, a rare form that develops as early as age 40 or 50. Cora shares her personal and poignant story of rediscovering the beauty of solitude.


Relationship dynamics: Caregivers with spouses.

Our special three-part series about the ways our role as caregiver affects the relationship with our spouse or significant other.
This week’s show is the first of three interviews that explore a subject rarely considered — the effect of your caregiving responsibilities on your spouse or partner, and how it affects that relationship. Today you’ll meet Elaine Simerlink who has cared for her mother living with cancer and her father with Alzheimer’s. Today she oversees the needs of her 89-year-old mother-in-law. Elaine will share how all this caregiving has affected her marriage with her husband Jim.

The second installment of our 3-part series on the effect the caregiving role has on our relationships with our spouses/partners. Meet my husband, Peter Newman. We were in a serious relationship when my caregiving odyssey began, and the intensity of my commitment to my parent’s needs prompted Peter to evaluate how realistic plans for our future really were. Thankfully, I won the prize in marrying this extraordinary man! Peter shares from the heart, and our conversation offers issues and strategies for you to consider yourself.

Today we have the third and final segment of our series about the effect caregiving responsibilities have on the relationship with your spouse/partner. Meet Mary Lou and Dennis Green, married 37 years, who just one week into their long-planned retirement life fell into the trenches of caring for both of her parents. You’ll marvel at the Greens’ wild ride and the techniques they found to stay connected and grounded with other another.


Medical resources.

Our guest today is Dr. Chris Hancock, a board-certified neuroradiologist with Desert Medical Imaging who actively researches dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Hancock will enlighten us on the wide range of imaging and scans available today and the role radiology plays in the overall care of the patient.

Life as we know it can change in a heartbeat. On today’s show you’ll hear the family story of Toni and Norm Renoos and a wife determined to care for and nurture her husband. We also explore the feelings and observations of her daughter, Diana Collins Puente, who made it her mission to bring balance and outside perspective to her mom’s challenges.


More resources for you.

We explore two important topics on our show today: 1) A great new Medicare benefit is coming in January 2015. Medicare will soon pay a monthly fee to your primary doctor to be the “quarterback” of your medical team. Learn how to tap into this new benefit. 2) The vast range of services available through the Riverside County Office on Aging is remarkable. Believe me, they can help everyone in some way!

This week’s show features an uplifting interview with Joanne Demers, owner of Transitions of the Desert, and Karen McGruder, her lead senior move manager. These relocation angels ease the transition of their clients into new homes. Click here to view the website. Plus…tips for the holidays! Try these tactics to make special events and family gatherings a successful experience for everyone. We also provide valuable information for managing travel via airlines. Take advantage of special services to ease security clearance and boarding ordeals.

Topics: Two key legal documents caregivers must have, creating a Records Book and four great forms to use. Our guest: Mary Hrinko with Riverside County Office on Aging and their Care Pathways Program for Family Caregivers.



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