How to Survive Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

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5-Week Online Course for Family Caregivers:
How to Survive Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

Thursdays, June 15 through July 13, 2017 – 4 PM Pacific

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or related dementias, it’s traumatic and life-altering for everyone. Over time you realize what an all-consuming and exacting challenge 24/7 caring can be.

It’s alarming that 70% of family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or a dementia will develop a chronic, life altering condition or died before the person they are caring for.

We’re pleased to present a new online course just for you: How to Survive Caring for a Loved One with Dementia.

All sessions are facilitated by Dementia Help Center founder and president Kae Hammond. This is your opportunity to be guided personally by a recognized expert in the field of dementia family care.

How this course will help you.

This course is your road map to success as a well informed family caregiver/partner. Discover answers to the questions you want to know about, yet are afraid to ask and learn about issues you had no idea you’d need to know that will save you time, energy, money and pain


1. Understand how to live with the disease.

  • Gain knowledge and clarity about the disease, its characteristics and behaviors so you can properly respond and manage them.
  • Dispel the myths around the disease so you can separate fact from fiction.
  • Learn and practice proven techniques and tactics so you can interact effectively with your loved one.


2. Develop practical, viable solutions.

  • Gain insights into family dynamics and how to set boundaries.
  • Learn techniques for taking care of YOU!
  • Rely on an impartial sounding board and share expert counsel so you can effectively navigate each situation.


This dynamic, live interactive program will deliver evidence-based, proven strategies so you can navigate a much smoother road ahead.

We’ll help you understand the disease itself: the why’s and their impact on both your loved one and your family. Learn steps to navigate and deftly maneuver as you handle your loved one’s challenges and requests. 

And, just as importantly, we give you hope. That means knowing you are not alone, you have the tools and resources, and you can proceed with conviction knowing you’re on the right path.

The five, 1-hour sessions will provide answers and meaningful solutions that transform your frustration and anxiety into relief and hope.

In each weekly session you will receive:

  • Education
  • Fact-based information
  • Answers to your personal questions
  • Practical tips and tools
  • Group interaction


Live and recorded sessions that fit your schedule.

Weekly sessions will be held live via teleconference. Each session will be recorded, so you may listen again at your convenience to all the great information we’ll share. Also, if you miss a live class, you’ll have access to the recording so you won’t miss a thing.

Please note: Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed. The recorded sessions are available only to registered course participants via a secured private link accessible only to active participants.
Kae Hammond Dementia Help Center Bio 2017

More about Kae Hammond.

Kae Hammond’s highly acclaimed workshops are designed for the family caregiver/partner, offering proven strategies for success for you and the person with the diagnosis.

Learn from Kae’s vast experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving to gain a renewed sense of peace in your life. Kae is founder of the Dementia Help Center, author of Pathways: A Guidebook for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers, and host of the Kae Hammond Radio Show – Care for the Family Caregiver. To read more about Kae, click here.

Register here.

This special weekly online program begins June 15, with registration limited to 8 participants.

Special introductory pricing: $97/person (regular price $397). Participants in this introductory course will qualify for special $97 pricing for all of Kae’s future courses.

Session Dates: Thursdays – June 15, 22 , 29 and July 6, 13, 2017
Time: 4-5 PM Pacific
Live via teleconference: Detailed instructions to access the program will be emailed you to you when we receive your completed registration with payment.

Register online: Use a credit/debit card or PayPal below and a confirmation will be emailed to you.


Kae’s Work in Action
Information + Solutions = Peace

“I took this class and it changed my life! My family member with Dementia is doing so much better after I followed recommendations from Kae Hammond. I highly encourage family members caring for a loved one to take this class!” ~ Debi Lucas, La Quinta, CA

“I walked away a different person because of Kae’s workshops. I learned to let go of the mother who raised me because that’s not (who) she is anymore. I’ve learned to let her be in her own reality and embrace my life again.” ~ Dane Denick, Indian Wells, CA

“I had given up trying to find the answers I needed to understand and care for my wife of 50 years suffering with advanced Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s and then I was told about Kae and her workshops and coaching. Kae has given me the peace of mind I had been looking for. What a profound gift.” ~ Pat McCann, Palm Desert, CA

“Kae, you truly were a light in my dark tunnel, so empathetic yet also such an incredible help in allowing me to move forward with a detailed plan for Bob and our life.” ~ Joyanne Code Palm Desert, CA/Edmonton, Canada


Questions? Call us at 760.636.6355.

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