The Holiday Sanity Workshop

Timely strategies for families of loved ones with dementia.

The holiday season is upon us.  By now you are deep into planning all your festivities, buying gifts, making travel plans or getting your guest rooms ready for family and friends.

Kae Hammond

I know firsthand how quickly things can turn south. As many of you know from following me in FB, reading my book or feature stories in newspapers, my mom had Alzheimer’s disease.  And we had some pretty ugly experiences when she became agitated. I only needed a few of those times to figure out what I/we were doing wrong in our good intentions for perfect holidays. 

I don’t want you to experience the uglies and I know you don’t want your loved one to become that distressed either. That’s why I have created I’m offering you my timely workshop  Holiday Sanity Workshop

Why a Holiday Workshop?

Holiday season activities can present unsettling, even painful, challenges for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia. The most important step for you as the caregiver/partner is having a clear plan in place that reflects ‘the what and how’ to have the best times possible. Because if they are unsettled, agitated or unhappy you will be, too.

How I Can Help You Maintain Your Sanity

In this power-packed program I’ll share proven techniques and tips for you to masterfully handle all kinds of situations and let your holiday activities be pleasant and successful for everyone. How does this sound?  

Is that a “YES!” I hear??  Good!

Here is a sample of the questions I'll ask to help you make your holidays a joy and not a disaster.

  • Do you have realistic expectations for your loved one’s capabilities?
  • Do you have an honest assessment of your loved one’s cognitive level?
  • What are your loved one’s energy levels like throughout the day?
  • How comfortable is your loved one away from home?
  • Are your friends and family up-to-date on your loved ones abilities?
  • You’ll learn what to do when your loved one says: "Who's that?" or "That's not by brother/son."... "This isn't my room."..."I want to home."..."I just want to be alone."

  • Over the four-week workshop, you will discover proven ways to navigate:
    • Parties
    • Family Gatherings
    • Traveling
    • And more

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4-Week Holiday Sanity Workshop!  

When:  11: am on four separate Wednesdays:  Nov. 14 & 28, and Dec. 5 & 12 

  This program is presented LIVE on ZOOM

Cost:   $49 one time fee

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Sessions are recorded for you to watch again or catch later if you can't watch live.

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