Whether you’re facing a new diagnosis or struggling with ongoing caregiving challenges and don’t know where to turn, we offer family coaching options for you.

Kae Hammond Dementia Help CenterWhen your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, it’s traumatic and life-altering for everyone. Over time you realize what an all-consuming and exacting challenge 24/7 caring can be.

We offer coaching in both individual and group formats. You select the style that best meets your needs.

All sessions are facilitated by Dementia Help Center founder and president Kae Hammond. This is your opportunity to be guided personally by a recognized expert in the field of dementia family care.

How we help you through coaching.

1. Understand how to live with the disease.

  • Gain knowledge and clarity about the disease, its characteristics and behaviors so you can properly respond and manage them.
  • Dispel the myths around the disease so you can separate fact from fiction.
  • Learn and practice proven techniques and tactics so you can interact effectively with your loved one.
  • Understand their safe zones, vision, speech and comprehension abilities so you can adapt with the changes throughout the journey.
  • Learn important guidelines so you can make your home a safe, soothing environment.

2. Develop practical, viable solutions.

  • Discover and evaluate your options so you can manage your time and money wisely.
  • Rely on an impartial sounding board and share expert counsel so you can effectively navigate each situation.
  • Find ways to enhance the quality of life for both you and your loved one so you can enjoy times together.
  • Develop a written personalized plan for both short- and long-term needs — your roadmap for managing what comes your way.

3. Adapt to your family dynamics.

  • Facilitate a family meeting to produce a cohesive unit so you know everyone is working in unison.
  • Develop and implement ways each family member can contribute individually so you can maintain a balanced daily life.



Two coaching options for you.

Option 1: Individual Coaching with Kae Hammond

Available in person (in your home or a place you designate) and by phone or Skype.

Working with you, the care partner, and any family members you designate, we give you a clear way to proceed on your journey. We know that providing care to a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and related dementias is a daunting undertaking for anyone.

We’ll address right away your immediate concerns and time-sensitive decisions. Next, we’ll help you understand the disease itself: the why’s and their impact on both your loved one and your family.

That’s followed by learning to navigate and deftly maneuver as you handle your loved one’s challenges and requests. Coaching gives you the road map and Action Plan personalized for you and your situation. And, just as importantly, we give you hope. That means knowing you are not alone, you have the tools and resources, and you can proceed with conviction knowing you’re on the right path.

How it works.

Kae will gain a full understanding of your family’s specific situation and needs. Following each session, she provides you and any other participants with a written recap.

Your coaching sessions provide answers and meaningful solutions that transform your frustration and anxiety into relief and hope. Together you will develop a realistic action plan – your roadmap –  to overcome current and future challenges and obstacles. You will learn how to act within your various roles as caregiver, care manager and care partner.

Kae’s code of ethics guarantees all conversations are held in the strictest of confidence.

One-to-One Coaching Fee: $150/hour, payable in person or online.

Note this is not therapy, this is coaching. Most often clients have their needs met with two or three sessions, ranging from one to two hours each. Kae is able to accommodate several family members with this program, which ensures everyone is aligned with a shared vision.

As a coaching client, you will receive a free signed copy of Kae’s book Pathways, valued at $20.

You may use the button below to make a secure payment via PayPal. You’ll get a receipt immediately when your payment has been processed, and we’ll follow up within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.



Option 2: Group Coaching with Kae Hammond

Weekly meetings at Dementia Help Center in Palm Desert.

Kae offers the same benefits as individual coaching in a group setting. In weekly group coaching sessions you will get:

  • Education
  • Fact-based information
  • Answers to your personal questions
  • Practical tips and tools
  • Group interaction
  • Featured monthly guest speaker

In a small group setting, you’ll have the chance to share your challenges and experience with people who “get it.”

So often participants in Kae’s group coaching programs become a circle of confidantes and trusted support system for one another, a priceless benefit.

Kae’s code of ethics guarantees all conversations are held in the strictest of confidence.

Note this is not therapy, this is coaching.

Registration details.

Our next 12-week group coaching program begins Tuesday May 9, 2017, from 9-11 AM at the Dementia Help Center located at:

44-495 Town Center Way, Suite B
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Group size is limited to 12 to maximize the time and attention each participant receives.

Group Coaching Fee (payable in person or online):

3-Month Group Coaching Plan
$100 per month autopay on your credit card (contact us to set up autopay)

Special Prepay Value
Save $25 when you make a one-time payment of $275.

As a coaching client, you will receive a free signed copy of Kae’s book Pathways, valued at $20.

You may use the button below to make a secure payment via PayPal. You’ll get a receipt immediately when your payment has been processed, and we’ll confirm your registration within 24 hours.



Let’s have a conversation.

As far as we’re concerned, no question is unimportant or too small. Contact us at 760.848.4680 or email us to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss your situation and needs. You’ll choose the best coaching option for you. Whatever you and your family must address, we’re here to ensure you get everything you need from one valuable resource.



With family coaching, you’re not alone.

“Your focus and empathy – combined with your knowledge base – aided us immensely with handling Dad’s dementia and Alzheimer’s condition. Through our private sessions, we learned strategies on how to handle stressful issues which, when put into practice, are amazingly effective! We are grateful for your expertise, and that we found you.”

~ Mary & Jay Lewis, Palm Springs, California

“Every meeting with you renews me, and I leave feeling strong again. I also leave with new information and tools to apply in my caregiving of George. Each session opens my eyes to a new chapter of this never-ending mystery of a disease with new behaviors and triggers to understand. You are so patient with me, and your ready availability when I need it is deeply appreciated. I’ll get through this. I know I will because of your guidance and support.”

~ Gloria Mistiapolis, Palm Desert, California

We’ve been there. We can help. Call us at 760.636.6355 or click here to send us an email.


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Founder and President
Dementia Help Center
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