The Caregivers Online Survival Guide for a Loved One With Dementia
5-Week Online Course for Family Caregivers:

The Simple, Proven Ways You Can Successfully Navigate the Rollercoaster of Alzheimer’s or Other Dementias

This 5-module online program is your roadmap to success as an informed care/partner. Discover answers to the questions you were afraid to ask. Learn about problems you had no idea existed or will be on the horizon and solutions that will save you time, energy and pain.

All sessions are facilitated by Dementia Help Center founder and president Kae Hammond. This is your opportunity to be guided personally by a recognized expert in the field of dementia family care.

70 Percent of Caregivers Experience Life-Altering

According to the National Alzheimer’s Association, 70% of the family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia will develop a chronic, life-altering condition or die before the person they are caring for.  

How this course will help you.

This course is your roadmap to success as an informed caregiver/partner. Discover answers to the questions you were afraid to ask. Learn about problems you had no idea existed and solutions that will save you time, energy, money and pain. 

1. Understand how to live with the disease.
•  Gain knowledge and clarity about the disease, its characteristics and behaviors so you can properly respond and manage them.

•  Dispel the myths around the disease and separate fact from fiction.

•  Learn and practice proven techniques and tactics so you can interact effectively with your loved one.

2. Develop practical, viable solutions.
•  Gain insights into family dynamics and how to set boundaries.

•  Learn techniques for taking care of YOU!

•  Benefit from an impartial sounding board and share expert counsel so you can effectively navigate each situation.

If you’re struggling to understand just exactly what the hell is going on…This program is for you!

Here's what you can expect from this program:

  Solid, fact-based information about the disease

  Strategies to manage erratic behaviors

  Secrets to navigate family dynamics successfully

  How to take care of YOU emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually

   And more…

I don’t hold anything back and freely share my own experiences and mistakes with you in this program. Everything I teach has been tried and proven over and over again by me and hundreds of my clients.

This program is specifically designed to help you navigate the ins and outs and twists and turns of life with this disease. We take a comprehensive approach to each step so you and your loved one are taken care of. In other words, if you’re looking for PEACE, this is it.

Please note: Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed. The recorded sessions are available only to registered course participants via a secured private link accessible only to active participants.

Module #1 
What is the Diagnosis?

During Module #1 you'll get a clear understanding of the disease you and your family now face and how to set yourself on solid ground, so you can confidently walk this path. We'll cover important topics such as...

  • Dementia is NOT a diagnosis - find out which of the 85 types you are dealing with and why it matters.
  • The top five questions you need to ask the doctor at your next scheduled appointment.
  • How to be an advocate for your loved one when it comes to addressing their medical team.
  • The eight treatable conditions that mimic dementia.

Module #2

Master the Everyday Life with Dementia

Each day is filled with new challenges, personalities, and behaviors. In most cases, your loved one won’t know what’s going on. In Module Two you’ll discover the best strategies to manage the ups and downs of your loved one’s disease, like…

  • 10 behavior changes to watch for.
  • Five winning strategies to manage this disease.
  • How to reassure your loved one when they've fallen into "the mist" of confusion and memory loss.
  • The secret to calming them down in any situation (no matter how challenging they are being).

Module #3

How to Speak Dementia

There will be times your loved one does things that don’t seem to make sense. Or they may behave in ways that upset you. It’s often difficult for them to tell you what is wrong and sometimes it will be hard for them to understand what you mean.  In Module Three, you will come to understand how dementia changes the interactions with your loved one and gives you ways to effectively talk and ‘hear’ them.

  •  17 key insights that will give you the why’s and how-to’s of this critical area.
  • What to do and say when they become angry, stubborn, or irritable.
  • Why they go from "getting it" one moment to "completely blank" the next. 
  • How to keep your cool when you hear the same question again and again.

Module #4

Sanity + Tranquility Secrets

The greatest challenge for you on this journey is actually paying enough attention to your own self. If you don't take care of yourself, who will take care of your loved one? That's why Module Four is dedicated to showing you how to balance your total well-being with theirs. You'll discover...

  • Four ways to stop “overwhelm” in its tracks - so you can live your our own life, retain your dignity and sense of self.
  • The "Caregiver's Bill of Rights": Five principles to give you clarity and confidence so you can show up as your best self each day.
  • The secret solution to stress... this is so simple yet most people wait until they're at their wit's end.
  • Why you need to be selfish and the Seven Modalities of Selfishness you can use to help you stay healthy and reclaim your life.

Module #5

Open The Floodgates of Support

The biggest mistake people make is thinking they have to do this on their own and that they are the only ones who can do it right. They’re coming from a place of love, of course, but ultimately the best thing you can do for you and your loved one is to share the care. In Module Five, you’ll discover…

  • What “share the care” means and six different ways to go about it. (Simply choose the ones that work best for you!) 
  • When friends offer their support, here’s how to ask for what would really help you out and give them the satisfaction of supporting you.
  • A visual approach for determining when it’s time to reach out for help and share the care.
  • When to place your loved one with professional care where they can live among equals.

​​​  How Do I Receive it?

Register here.

This comprehensive program begins Monday, July 16, 2018 and runs through August 6, 2018.  Each Monday, for five consecutive weeks, you will receive an email with the link to that week’s module. Simply click on the link and watch the videos at your own pace as many times as you want.

Bonus! Each Thursday of the week, Kae will also host a LIVE 60-Minute Q&A Session online via Zoom for all registered participants. It's a great time to get your questions answered.  Don't worry if you don't know how to use Zoom. It's easy, and we'll walk you through how to connect.

Detailed instructions to access the program will be emailed to you after we receive your completed registration with payment. Register online now using your credit card on our 100% secure website. Click the buy button below and when you are signed up a confirmation will be emailed to you.

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More about Kae Hammond.
Kae Hammond’s highly acclaimed workshops are designed for the family caregiver/partner, offering proven strategies for success for you and the person with the diagnosis.

Learn from Kae’s vast experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving to gain a renewed sense of peace in your life. Kae is founder of the Dementia Help Center, author of Pathways: A Guidebook for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers.

What clients say!

“I took this class and it changed my life! My family member with Dementia is doing so much better after I followed recommendations from Kae Hammond. I highly encourage family members caring for a loved one to take this class!” ~ Debi Lucas, La Quinta, CA

“I walked away a different person because of Kae’s workshops. I learned to let go of the mother who raised me because that’s not (who) she is anymore. I’ve learned to let her be in her own reality and embrace my life again.” ~ Dane Denick, Indian Wells, CA

“I had given up trying to find the answers I needed to understand and care for my wife of 50 years suffering with advanced Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s and then I was told about Kae and her workshops and coaching. Kae has given me the peace of mind I had been looking for. What a profound gift.” ~ Pat McCann, Palm Desert, CA

“Kae, you truly were a light in my dark tunnel, so empathetic yet also such an incredible help in allowing me to move forward with a detailed plan for Bob and our life.” ~ Joyanne Code Palm Desert, CA/Edmonton, Canada

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