Here’s what some of our clients have to say about the value of Dementia Help Center.


I feel privileged to have been guided to you. Had I found you sooner, so many obstacles I encountered because of John’s disease would not have been so overwhelming. Now I say to family and friends, ‘Oh, that was before Kae.’  I have such a special admiration for you, as you patiently and expertly guided our family in making the difficult decisions, thus making the journey much easier.

Kristiana Joaphin, Brentwood, California



Kae, you delivered on everything you said you would, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Karel Lambell, Palm Desert, California



Caregivers also need care. Pathways is not only one of the best resources for understanding the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, it is required reading for caregivers who want to survive and outlive the loved one they are caring for. I had been caring for my husband for about eight years when I read this book. It was a jaw-dropping experience to read these descriptions and the book helped me to accept the reality of his circumstance.

After reading this book, I called Kae for coaching and a plan. She guided me expertly to accomplish critical matters. Then she opened the door to the perfect home for Carter and both our lives changed for the better. The power of one book! Had I not read her book, I don’t know where we’d be today though I know it wouldn’t be good.

Cora Bell, Arnold, California



I found a gold mine in you, Kae! Thank you for patient guidance and a plan. Now Charlie is ‘king of his world’ at the Cove, and I can be his wife again.

Anita Ortega, Palm Desert, California



Thank you, Kae, for taking me under your wing when I needed it most. Your compassionate nature gave me permission to express my confusion and grief. Your credibility is powerful and enhanced by all your research and work. I am so grateful for Kae.

Jayne Hooper, Rancho Mirage, California



Kae, your focus and empathy – combined with your knowledge base – aided us immensely with handling Dad’s dementia and Alzheimer’s condition. Through our private sessions, we learned strategies on how to handle stressful issues which, when put into practice, are amazingly effective! We are grateful for your expertise, and that we found you.

Mary & Jay Lewis, Palm Springs, California



Congratulations on Pathways. I am very impressed by your research. You explain thinks with clarity and simplicity while the content is truly profound. This book is a valuable addition to any tools we professionals use. I will definitely recommend it to my patients and peers.

I. Anneli Hanna, M.D., Rancho Mirage, California



You are truly a light in my otherwise very dark life. You are so empathetic and offer such an incredible insights and guidance, enabling me to move forward with a detailed plan for Bob and me.

It gives me great comfort knowing you are just a phone call away. You have become my lifeline for coping with Bob’s Alzheimer’s and guiding me with such sensitivity as I make these tough, tough decisions.

Joyanne Code, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



How fortuitous for my family to have crossed paths with you. I could write volumes, though let me just say you have given my mother and me such a gift. You showed me how to have mother qualify for the VA’s Aid & Attendance when so many others said it wouldn’t be possible. Then you introduced us to an amazing home for mom where she lives as a queen and Dennis and I can have our lives together again.

Mary Lou Green, La Quinta, California



Pathways is an ideal primer for families and medical professionals. Honestly, every nurse and doctor would benefit from reading your clear, informed work. It would make life better for them with their patients and families and, in exchange, patients and families would feel understood.

Beverly Milotz, RN, Michigan



I was in desperate need of help, emotionally and psychologically, and you transformed my life and thereby my mother’s by offering me the knowledge, tools and support needed to make informed decisions.

Pam Orwick, Upland, California



I just felt so much ‘lighter’ after leaving our meeting. I’m so glad I found you! And, I have already marked my calendar for the next meeting!

Patti Evans, Rancho Mirage, California



Grateful… is only a small indication of how I feel about your guidance, support and your individual attention to my parent’s needs. I’m pleased you finally met my siblings, as they believed you are a figment of my imagination, as no one could be so special!!

Jonathan Meyes, Seattle, Washington



You performed miracles by coming to our rescue in the distressing situation of having to relocate our parents and with us living in Alaska!

Among the multitude of matters you attended to, you found an ideal home – much more perfect for them than the large facility they were living in. And, even with their high care needs, you saved them over $1,000 a month! Then you executed the physical move, too.

My sister Debi and I could not be more grateful to you both. We have the true peace of mind that mom and dad are in very good hands – morning, noon and night. And thank you for sending us videos so we can ‘visit’ them from Alaska.

Dave Andres, Ketchikan, Alaska



You provide me the safe space to open up about what’s going on and how I’m reacting to it. Thank you so very much.

Lillian Shank, Indian Wells, California



Our family is extremely lucky that you have come into our lives, with all your compassion, knowledge and support, making it possible for us all to collectively understand this disease, why having a plan is crucial, and then guiding us step-by-step in developing one that was right for our needs and budget.

We know it’s a long road ahead, though it will be smoother with your continued support and guidance.

The Lajeunesse & Glidewell Families



I consider it a privilege to tell people about you. Your vast knowledge assisted Mother, Dan and me with many obstacles attempting to deal with Dad’s disease. Your expertise has assisted us in making difficult decisions and made the journey much easier. Thank you for the extra steps you took to find resolution for legal and banking matters for Mother and Dad. You do go the extra mile to obtain the information! It’s not too much to say you transformed our lives.

Faithe Schellinger, Montana



Kae, you are a VERY SPECIAL PERSON and we are so fortunate to have you walking beside us. Thank you for all that you do to help us navigate Joyce’s world.

Rob Speaks, Rancho Mirage, California

Jan Cullen, Baltimore, Maryland



I have had a full college education from you, Kae, and I am your student for life. I could not have gone through this black tunnel without you. And thank you for insisting I attend your support group! Many are now my closest friends.

I tell everyone I know about you. You always had time for my smallest problem, and through all the tears this disease brings, you helped me smile and find life again.

Jean B. Stits, Palm Desert, California



You have provided me with critical information, and the manner in which you communicated to me was truly outstanding. You provided me with a level of comfort. I am in the early stages of my mother’s dementia and have a long road to travel. Therefore I appreciate all of your expertise.

Sharon Bennett, Laguna Woods, California



Thanks, Kae. Your input always is a revelation to us.

Bill Freer, Orange, California



Every meeting with you “renews” me and I leave feeling strong again. I also leave with new information and tools to apply in my caregiving of George. Each session opens my eyes to a new chapter of this never-ending mystery of a disease with new behaviors and triggers to understand. You are so patient with me, and your ready availability when I need it is deeply appreciated. I’ll get through this. I know I will because of your guidance and support. Thank you, thank you. Your leadership has truly exceeded my expectations.

Gloria Mistiapolis,Palm Desert, California



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